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Students should take foreign language courses

Learning a new language is challenging yet super fun at the same time. Many people learn a second language when they travel or live in a foreign country. This can help them navigate the city, read the signs on the road and talk to people on a daily basis. Learning foreign languages can help people from different countries to truly understand and connect with each other. In fact, there are so many advantages of learning foreign languages, that we’ve made a list for you!

People, at times, refuse to learn a different language because they follow old belief systems. In this new age, the benefits of taking foreign courses are mushrooming as we become more linked by technology. Knowing foreign languages isn’t just a party trick anymore. Contrarily, this is a skill that our world, which is now a global village, demands from us.

When it comes to learning foreign languages, students are truly blessed with educational resources. Many schools and colleges encourage students and offer courses to learn a foreign language. If you’re lucky enough to avail of this facility, you should definitely sign up for a course or two. Indeed, learning foreign languages isn’t a difficult task that would make you say: ‘can someone please take my online course for me’. Foreign language courses are pretty easy and here’s why you should take them.

1. It Makes You Smarter

Studies prove that if you know more than 2 languages, you’ll be better at things that require multi-tasking and focusing. In fact, an important part of your brain (the grey matter) increases and helps you process more information.

So if you’ve been hitting the gym to exercise your muscles, there’s a way to exercise your brain too! Simply start learning a new language as a part of your mental gymnastics routine. Furthermore, the earlier you start, the better, because your brain is at a growing stage. Hence, it’s ready to become sharper and smarter as you grow up. Thus, if you’re a young student, this is the best time to take a foreign language course.

2. It Develops Cross-Cultural Understanding

We have left hating people for being on the other side of the border back in 2007. Racism and discrimination are orthodox and un-cool –something we should rather leave in the past. We now live in a world where we celebrate diversity and different cultures. If you’re smart enough to have an open mind, you’d realize how beautiful our differences make us!

In a world of 7 billion people from different nations, it’s a powerful skill to be aware of their language.  Now of course you can’t learn all the thousands of languages that exist today. However, even if you’re able to learn a few, you can get along with people around you. In truth, learning foreign languages is great for understanding a different culture because it’s directly linked to the language.

3. It Boosts Your Career

Language skills are a gift that rewards you throughout your entire life. Especially if you’re a student with high ambitions, you should take a foreign language course as a long-term investment. Multilingual skills are now in demand and can help you broaden your career options.

With multilingual skills, you can get a job in the fields like education, healthcare, national security, international business, etc. Hence, take foreign language courses as a great addition to your job profile. Indeed, taking courses in the languages in demand is a great way to increase your career opportunities. You’ll have employers rushing to hire you thanks to this extra skill on your resume.

4. It Can Connect You To Your Heritage

Living somewhere as an international students, we’ve all had to adjust to their mode of language. Most of the time, students have to work on learning English or the language of that country to communicate. However, we get so used to speaking and mastering the other language that we end up forgetting our own. Furthermore, children who move out of their nation at an early stage never get to learn their language in the first place.

Although, we should remember that our language is a part of our identity – something we should celebrate instead of neglecting. A huge reason for taking a language course is that you can appreciate and feel proud of your native language. Moreover, it can really help you to connect with your family members who speak in their native tongue only. Not only is it great for helping you socialize; it can give you a cultural insight and an understanding of your family’s perspective.

5. It Adds Joy To Travelling

Travelling across countries is a great way to broaden your perspective and witness the beauty of the world first-hand. If you’re able to speak the language of the country they’re visiting you can form more meaningful connections. Plus, the native of the country you are visiting will really appreciate your effort to learn their language. Learning their language will also help you to form special friendships across cultures.

Hence, if you want to have a memorable time during your vacations, learn the language of the country. Moreover, travelling to another country is itself a great way to learn a language. Hence if you already know a foreign language and want to upgrade your skills, it’s time to pack your backs! Apart from enriching your travel experiences, it makes it easier to pick up other languages. Of course, you don’t need to speak the language of every country you’re visiting, but wouldn’t it be great to make your trip more magical?!

6. It Increases Creativity

Learning a language introduces you to the culture of the place where that language is spoken. The more you learn about new cultures, the more you’ll learn about different perspectives. Hence, you’ll become open to different views – something that makes you more original and flexible. Indeed, these are the top qualities that make a person creative.

When you learn a foreign language, your brain puts together words in creative ways. As you try to reach for alternate words when you can’t remember the original one you wanted to use you are using your ability to identify multiple solutions to a single problem. This stimulates your brain and boosts your creativity which leaks into other aspects of your life too. These aren’t just some claims; in fact, it is proven that multilingual speakers are more creative than monolingual speakers. When your problem-solving skills and logic get better by learning a foreign language, you become more creative too.


It’s a pretty great feeling when you’re able to speak to others in their native language. However, there are many more reasons to take foreign language courses apart from this sense of achievement. It’s not only fun learning a foreign language, but also great for your brain, your education and also your career. Living life as a student is a great time to learn new things and develop your skills.

However, it can be hard to take foreign language courses when you have so many other mandatory courses. So what should you do? The solution to this is pretty simple: Just ask an expert: ‘can you take my online course for me?’ Thus you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of foreign language courses while someone else takes the other boring courses on your behalf! If you have reached the end of this article by now, you must be prepared to sign up for multiple foreign language courses. We wish you the best of luck!

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