Protect Your Health When You’re Learning Online: Here’s How

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Protect Your Health When You’re Learning Online: Here’s How

Hello, students of the 21st century! We heard that you just survived a whole pandemic!? Talk about a happening life, phew. The whole world is finally going back to normal, finally but still in some parts of the world online education is in continuation.

No doubt, online learning is definitely a very fun innovation as you can take your online classes in your PJs on your favorite couch. Unfortunately, there are a few students who don’t like online learning and keep asking others; ‘can you please Take My Class’? Don’t worry fellas, is here to your rescue. And, those who love taking online classes, this blog is for you because we don’t want dark circles on your face! Those of you who are very excited about the trend of online classes. Hold your horses’ mates! Online learning is not all rainbows and unicorns.

With every pro there comes a con, right? Similar is the case with learning online. As relaxing as it may sound, don’t get deceived. Online learning has some negative impacts on your health as well. No need to panic, this blog is here to save you. Taking some precautions can keep up your health along with your studies. Without any further delay, let’s explore our options.

Ditch Your Hunchback!

You just straightened your posture, didn’t you? Don’t worry, we’re all turning into camels thanks to the courtesy of online classes. You might not notice this initially but others around you would definitely. You’re slowly turning into a camel! All of this is due to the long tiring hours of sitting in front of your PC. Don’t worry, almost all students are going through the same posture issues, courtesy of you-know-what.

Therefore, we desperately request you to work on your posture. Indulge yourself in some outdoor physical activities or some stretching exercises. This posture is going to give you nothing more than a constant backache. And oh, an uncanny resemblance to the species of camels. Please ditch these hunchbacks before they change your species.

Hydrate Yourself

*Gulps down water while saying this* Please stay hydrated dear students. We know how desperately you want to get done with all the classwork. Scoring good grades is very important for you, we get it. Do you want to know what’s even more vital than that? Your health. As an adult, well young-adult, you are supposed to consume at least 3 to 4 liters of water in a single day. We doubt that you get anywhere close to that daily goal of hydration.

Water helps to flush out excess toxins from your brain cells. It also helps to keep your brain cells focused. Therefore, for your own brain’s sake; keep drinking water at short intervals. You are not a camel who can literally store up to 15 days’ worth of water in their body at once. That hump of yours is nowhere near a camel’s hump -I need a dessert to overcome this desert fiasco now.

Don’t Lose Your Eyesight

You definitely do not wish to graduate or earn your academic degree at the cost of your eyes. Online classes are comparatively cheap remember? Let it stay that way. Don’t lose your eyes in the game of ‘don’t blink’ with your PC. The ratio of students with weak eye-sight in this decade is truly insane. Again, can you tell who to blame?

If you have a very lengthy online class schedule, staring at the screen for a long while increases the chances of your eyes getting strained. As a result, your eye health starts to deteriorate. Make sure that your screen’s brightness setting is adjusted according to your comfort. You can also get yourself a new pair of reading glasses that are designed to protect your eyes from screen-time damage. These glasses work by filtering blue light from your screen before it has the chance to reach your eyes. This is no sorcery, it is just smart science. 

Creatively Alter Your Social Life

Let us tell you a secret no one has ever told you before. The people who are on your Instagram and Facebook friend list can also be met in real life! Yes, they are real-life human beings and you can hang out with them in the physical world! (God help this generation for real!) With the shift in classes from physical to online, the whole generation has shifted to gadgets. Thanks to technology, the same gadget that helps you study are also the one that lets you socialize.

This has definitely increased the daily usage of gadgets. As a consequence, the screen-time is increased which once again increases the risk of a million health issues. Our advice? Incorporate some physical interactions into your daily life. Take long walks in parks for the sake of socializing. Have a social media detox and switch to physical social interactions –at least for a while. This way your eyes can get some relaxation and your physical health can also breathe once again.

You know that we can go on and on about the demerits of technology at this point (no we are not your mom’s agents). However, we are also not one of the anti-technology cult members. Remember the students we talked about earlier? The ones who would say ‘can you please Take My Class’? nope, we are not those either. We do favor online learning and appreciate its contributions of it to the whole educational system.

Technology is great and we appreciate the everyday advancements. It definitely has made our lives easier than they ever were. Almost every field of life is transformed for the better, thanks to technology. But, these transformations have also disrupted a lot of natural workings that cannot be ignored. Therefore, we recommend you to be mindful of your health as well. Don’t get too carried away in the virtual world that your physical world blurs out completely. We hope this blog has taught you to protect your health alongside online learning. We wish you the best! 

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