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How To Write A Resume With No Experience?

Are you planning to finally start your career and drop a kickass resume to your favorite employer? Let me take you a ride to the most amazing tips. Students who come to us for online class help often ask us if we make resume for students. I don’t know why they find it difficult to make their resumes themselves. Like, it’s okay if you ask us to take my courses for me but resume? No, my boy! You got to make it yourself! Though we are always here to help you out, your resume must be designed by you. It is best to make your resume yourself so you know what details go well where. However, if you are still confused, follow the below guide. It is best for people who are making their resumes for the first time.                                    

Choose A Format

Tell me what is the first thing you do when you don’t get anything? You Google it right? The same should be done for your resume. If you don’t know how you can make an impressive resume, head out to your search engine and check a few samples. We know many students who have made their first resume with samples present in Google and the end product was excellent. Don’t just stick to the first sample you see. Surf for a good time and hand pick the ones you find the best. 

Start With An Interesting Objective 

When you will explore your search engines and find a few of the best-ranking resumes, you’ll see how excellent their objectives are written. Do you know why their objectives are loved by the employers? Let me tell you why? Because they are short, precise, concise, and do not have repetitive sentences. What mistakes most of the students do is they write a long paragraph in the objective section and make the part boring. To catch the recruiters’ notice, the first thing to pay attention to is writing a short sweet objective. Go for a maximum of 35 words and bring at least 2 sentences out of it. 

Write About Your Education 

After you are done writing the objective, don’t jump straight to presenting your skills. Remember, your resume perfectly tells about your smartness and intelligence. If you have designed a resume that has incorrect flow and structure, chances are you’ll get rejected right in the very first place. After your resume, write about your education. Just write where you got your early schooling from. Next, write about your college, passing year, and grade, and then jump to your university, major degree, and CGPA. Don’t hoard this part of the resume with unnecessary information. You don’t need to write your entire educational experience here. Just be right to the point. 

Let Employers Know Your Skills

Now comes the turn for your skills. At this point, if you were not a newbie, I would have asked you to write about your experiences. Anyhow, now tell your prospective employer about your skills. If you are sending your application for the role of HR, don’t forget to let them know about your leadership and organizational skills. There are departments that need people with excellent communication skills. If your job description requires that too, be vocal about it. Whatever skills you feel are required for your potential role, write about them. Don’t shy away, no matter how long the list goes.

Write About Your Internship

For many of you, it won’t be a firsthand experience of the job. You might have worked as an intern trainee or there must have been some voluntary work that you were a participant of. Here is the time to showcase it. Write after you talk about your studies; talk about the bits of experience you have gained. Name the organization or company and mention the years you got the enrollment. This will give a sense to your employer that you are a hardworking candidate and that they can trust you. 

Have You Participated In Any Co-Curricular Activities?

After all this, it’s time to talk about all the co-curricular activities that you were a part of. Many students have no experience in voluntary work but they have competed in interschool, college, and university level competitions. If something like this lies in your list, you can mention that too. Talk about the mathematic test that you tried your best in, that singing competition where you were a runner up, that theatre competition that you and your mates won. It will all add excellent value to your resume and will help you land an employer who will genuinely appreciate and acknowledge your talent.

Write Why You’ll Be An Asset To Any Company

Here is a question that most employers ask at the time of the interview. However, we always recommend our students to write the answer for this in their resume or cover letter. Just think about it yourself. If you are of no value to your employer and if you can add no contribution to their business, why would they invest in you and hire you? They will not, right? So whatever talent you have and whatever ways you plan to help your prospective employer in, talk about it. Remember, not every employee can be an asset to a company. If you know you can, you must speak about it. Employers love applicants who know their worth. 

Check Out Available Templates 

If the above structure is giving you anxiety and you are still clueless about the design of your resume, we have a deal for you. Forget everything and check out free templates from Google. There are a lot of platforms that have premade resume templates for their visitors. You can try them or get your hands on the premium ones. If you want, you can also use the ones that Microsoft word offers. They are free and have some good designs available. 


When you ask for online class help or request an expert to Take My Courses For Me, don’t ask them to make a resume for you. Instead, use your search engine and find some fruitful tips. You can also ask your seniors to show to you their resumes. However, make sure to not copy their objectives and structures. Just take an idea from it. We wish you all luck in your future endeavors! 

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